Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Testing Trapeze magazine - June 2014 edition!

by Teri Charles

There are several great testing magazines out there and I've decided it's important to make sure other testers know about them. So in the spirit of sharing what I know, I'm going to start blogging about the different magazines when I can and share them with all of you!

One of the newer magazines is Testing Trapeze. It is a bi-monthly testing magazine to feature testers from Australia and New Zealand.

This is why they created this magazine: We want to see a small, simple, quality magazine that amplifies the voices of testers from Australia and New Zealand, presenting a clear, consistent message of good testing practice from existing and emerging leaders. We want to demonstrate the caliber of our community and encourage new testers to join us by engaging in their work at a different level. We want to create a publication that we feel proud of, that truly represents Australia and New Zealand on the international stage; a magazine that you want to read, share and contribute to.

There are some great testers from this part of the world and I couldn't be more thrilled that they're doing this!

I just finished reading the latest edition of Testing Trapeze. So many great articles from so many different great testers! You can download and read this edition at
  • Lee Hawkins wrote a great article on his experience attending (and presenting!) at the Let's Test Conference. I have got to get to this conference some day! "Expectations and Realities Let's Test"
  • Liz Renton gave some really wonderful tips regarding when you join a project late in the process. How many of us have had to do that? Great info! “Joining a Complex Project Late in the Process”!
  • Alice Chu & Nicola Owen gave a fantastic summary on their BBST experience (Association for Software Testing)! They touched on some of their challenges as well as the many positive experiences. Brought me back to my own experiences with BBST! "BBST Foundations: An Experience Report"
  • Oliver Erlewein talked about some of the many challenges and solutions in having an engaged teams of testers. He gave me lots to think about! "A Crazy Idea for Engaging Tester in the Future"
  • Pete Walen shared such great insight and tips for using mind maps in your testing. I too love using mind maps, but I learned a lot of new things from Pete in this article! "Visualizing Success: Requirement Review, Impact Analysis and Test Planning with Mind Maps"
Bottom line, do yourself a favor and check out Testing Trapeze. This is a fantastic magazine you should be sure to read! I for one am already looking forward to the next edition!