Sunday, September 29, 2013

Be the Leader You Want in Your Life

Wishing is not a strategy

Have you ever spent time in your career and life wishing there were more great leaders in your life? I'm not talking about a title someone may have. A title does not make you a leader. I am talking about true leadership.

Perhaps it's time to stop looking around for others to lead and decide to be the leader you want in your life. Be that leader for yourself. Be that leader for others.

Simple first steps

1. Give away what you know. If you have an expertise, share it. If you learn something new, teach others. If you see someone struggling, help them out. There is only an upside strengthening others knowledge. And it not only feels really good, but you will endear yourself to those you have helped.

2. Praise others. It sounds so simple and obvious, but many only hear what they are doing wrong, not what they're doing right. Next time you see one of your co-workers doing something great, no matter how big or how small, say something to them. It takes only a minute. Isn't one minute worth the possible change you could make in one's life?

3. Learn what NOT to do. Some of your best teachers can be people in "leadership" positions that have a negative impact on you or others. When you see this happening, take notes. Remember it. Know how it makes you feel. Because then when similar situations arise and you're in a position of leadership, do the opposite. Don't do what they did, do what you know the right thing is.

4. Choose kindness.
Enough said.

So be the leader you want in your life. Not for a promotion or for recognition but because it's who you want to be in your life and those around you. Inspire yourself. Trust me, you will also inspire others.


  1. Thanks Teri - I did enjoy reading your article! I so agree with sharing your knowledge. To me the best leaders are training others and as such are always challenging their own skills and abilities. Number 3 really spoke to me. When I went into management I knew there were certain managers I never wanted to be like - so I tried to take what I did not like about their style and learned how to change it to something better. And number 2 and 4 are so important. Choose Kindness - I wish more people would embrace kindness. In general the world would be such a better place.