Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rapid Testing Intensive - Day 3

Today was day 3 of Rapid Testing Intensive.  Unlike the other two days, today the "onsighters" and "onliners" split up.  Us onliners had the pleasure of working with Scott Barber, another master tester.  He gave a very interesting talk on Performance Testing.  We talked about TCO's (Test Coverage Outline), tools, and risks.

Here is the eBay performance TCO:

In the afternoon, James talked to us about Test Reporting and the use of Testing Tools. 

  • Heart of testing.
  • Structure which helps to manage testing.
  • A test report is any description, explanation, or justification of the status of a test project.
  • A comprehensive test report is all of those things together.
  • A professional test report is one thoughtfully designed to serve the clients of testing in context.
  • A test report isn't just the facts, it's a story about the facts. Learn to tell the testing story!
  • Make choice of which facts matter.
  • Practice test reporting. Even if your management doesn't want it, practice anyway.  It's one of the hearts of Rapid Testing.

  • Tools (and automation) are important for many aspects of testing the product, but they do not take the place of what humans can find in testing.
  • Do not get so dependent on a tool/automation that you miss things.
  • If you are spending so much time keeping the tool/automation running, you may not be thinking about what needs to be tested today.
  • Are you spending a lot of effort/time/money on tools/automation that keeps breaking?
  • Use free tools!
  • If your company buys an expensive tool, then you have to use it because the money was spent, but not if you're using a free tool.
  • They can work if your product is very easy to test and it doesn't change much.  Does that describe your product?
A nice mix in teams that James like:
  • Not all testers should be programmers.
  • Have at least one person on the team that loves tools/programming.
  • Someone that absolutely hates tools.
  • Someone good in math.
  • A good writer.
  • Liberal art majors (yay for us liberal arts majors!).
  • Musician.
  • The toolsmith should be directed by testers.


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