Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rapid Testing Intensive - Day 5

Today was the final day of the Rapid Testing Intensive from James and Jon Bach.

This has been a great experience.  It really makes me want to take their full Rapid Software Testing class the next time it comes up.  My mind is full!  I am looking forward to using many of the things I learned this week.  And it's been great getting to hang out with a lot of Testers from all over the world for 5 days of learning, talking, and challenging ourselves about testing.  And one of the best parts throughout the whole thing was the humor and interaction between the Bach brothers.  It made the experience even sweeter and I feel very fortunate that I was able to participate in the first Rapid Testing Intensive. 


  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your series. I was considering the class but most of the bullet points you put up look pretty much like standard testing (although using different terminology). Can you elaborate on what your background as a tester was prior to taking the course, what you learned that was different and maybe mention some things you'll do differently after the class?

    thanks again!

  2. Hi, thanks so much for your comment. For me, I like any opportunity (when there's time) to be around other testers, practicing testing, and getting any new nuggets of info. This was one of those times. Plus, getting to work with James and Jon Bach was a nice bonus. I've been a Tester for several years doing all phases of testing in an Agile environment. One of the things I'm taking away from this class going forward is to do more modeling. I'd like to take that up several notches from what I'm doing now. Thanks again for reading my posts! Teri