Testing Books

These are but a few software testing books that are out there. 
  • Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar: James Bach
  • Lessons Learned in Software Testing
  • Explore It!: Elisabeth Hendrickson
  • Perfect Software and Other Illusions About Testing: Jerry Weinberg
  • Testing Computer Software: Cem Kaner
  • How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing: Matthew Heusser
  • How to Break Software: James Whittaker
  • Beautiful Testing: Adam Goucher
  • Agile Testing: Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory
  • The Art of Software Testing: Glenford J. Myers
  • Ministry of Testing list of eBooks
  • The Little Black Book On Test Design (free eBook)
  • CAST 2014 speaker recommended books 
  • Michael Bolton's library 


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